Mythical lion’s body and human head rock sculpture design from ancient Giza art

Oct 16, 2019

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The Great Sphinx of Giza

Great sphinx of Giza is that the largest statue sculpture within the world located in the West bank of Nile in Giza. It’s an oversized rock sculpture of mythical being with lion’s body and human head. It is 73.5 meter long and 66.34 meters tall. Great sphinx is additionally the oldest known monument in the world. Archaeologists estimated that the monument was built between 2558 B.C and 2532 B.C. The natural erosion and man activity over time caused several harm to face of the monument. The great sphinx got buried in sand after the abandonment of Giza Necropolis. The first excavation method at the positioning dated back to 1388 B.C. much excavation method were additionally performed by archaeologists throughout the centuries. The complete monument was finally excavated between 1925 and 1936.

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Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of memnon is two gigantic statues that depict Amenhotep III pharaoh. The statues were in-built 1350 B.C as guards for mortuary temple. The statues were carved out from quartzite sandstone. Both statures are in seated position of pharaoh with hands on knee and gazing towards the river. They stand to a height of 75 feet and have a weight of 750 tons. Both men and nature caused several damages to both statues. But both statues are still impressive and attract thousands of tourists every year.