National Kaohsiung Centre is the world's Largest performing centre in Taiwan.

Oct 16, 2019

If the truth shown in the architecture is, it should be that adding cultural value to urban areas adds value to this area. Think of the Center of Pompidou in the Lincoln Center in New York or Paris, and how they could not be the only landmark to visit is an integral part of the city's social vibrancy - which makes news of the National Kaohsiung Center in Taiwan. Not so exciting for the arts because the structure was completed recently although completing the 1.5 million square foot building is not an easy feat, but the fact is that completeness set a new record for the biggest performing arts center on the planet is there. Designed by the Dutch-based firm Mecanoo, the National Kaohsiung Center for Arts is a structure of curved steel, which Cine coordinates five different art exhibit spaces, total 1.5 million square feet, it’s approx 35 acres. This building has become the home of the 2,260-seater opera house, which is a concert hall of 2,000 seats, 1,254 seat theaters for the dance and/or opera show and the 470-seat refill hole.

The cultural center built on the site of the former military base will take 5 million square feet of land, which is outside the premises within a tropical setting; there will be no problem with the audience in outdoor performance space. Up to 20,000, It is likely that the cultural center will need as much space as possible because it seems that the world's most respected orchestras are ready to come to the new location.

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Gustavo Dudamel will be one of the first artists to put on a show. But it does not end there: main international associate partners have so far, New York's Lincoln Center, the Spoleto Festival, the International Festival of Singapore Arts, and the Deutsche Operate Rains.