New style of Pattern designing for buildings with Explicit Geometrical Shapes

Oct 16, 2019

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In many contemporary homes, artifacts are used to add smooth surfaces, transmitted volumes, and some attractions. More and more, however, we are seeing a completely new formal element: rounded messy. Like the Pantheon's oculus, these spherical spaces are paved in the ceiling, which is stretched onto the eye like eyes, such as the metropolis of Peru's attractive hill house, and the Alejandro Retrepo Montoya’s modernist flavored UB house.

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Ceiling Screens

The archives have used screens to protect against shade and heavy rain for a long time. Now, we see screens covering the screens in homes. This overhead shading system protects the inner chamber from very high sunlight, while reducing the need for artificial lighting. Not to mention, slotted designs make some wonderful shades that are replaced with the passage of the sun up and down, these Veintiuno  and wind houses have exceptional light and pattern plays.

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Explicit Geometry

Large, horizontal windows provide an in-house space with sufficient natural light, and modernist trademarks. But the belief in these glazes can be monotonous rather than in contemporary projects. 9 × 9 Practical House, Above, and House in S.Abbondio, below, leaves the floor-to-ceiling window, and instead contains an array of squares open that focus directly on the beauty found in the geometry.

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Patterned Façades

Experiments can be a full canvas full of external walls for architects to experiment with new design features. Moire patterns designed as a systematic arrangement of voices such as architects, brick-like architects of Zacatitos 004, above, and the Lorong M Telok Kurau House have been designed. From a distance, these patterns appear subtle and obscure, yet within they offer a dramatic game of Shadows.