One of the seven wonders of ancient world Egyptian largest pyramid

Oct 16, 2019

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Great Pyramid of Giza

Great pyramid of Giza is one in all seven wonders of ancient world settled in Giza site of Egypt. It’s conjointly the oldest and largest one in all all 3 pyramids engineered for pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Mnkaure in Giza advanced. The pyramid of Giza was built between 2589 B.C and 2504 B.C. quite 2.3 million stone blocks was used for its construction. It’s a height of 481 feet and it remained as tallest manmade monument within the world for long 3800 years. The mortar used for the development of Giza pyramid stronger than that of stones. Archaeologists believed that that sort of mortar can’t be reproducing these days. Pyramid of Giza contains three chambers; 1st one is found at underground it's engraved into bed rock. The chambers of each queen and king settled on top of ground. The king’s chamber was embellished with granite and its roof product of nine enormous slabs that weights quite 400 tons in total. There’s conjointly a 8 meter high and 47 meter long grand gallery that results in king’s chamber.

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Pyramid of Djoser

Pyramid of Djoser is that the initial ever pyramid built by Egyptians. The pyramid was built for pharaoh Djoser in 27th century B.C. The step pyramid standing to a height of 60 meters and consist six layers. It’s a flat roof structure and sloping sides. There has been 11.6 cubic million of stones and clay utilized for the development of pyramid of Djoser. The pyramid was the most important stone cut structure of its time. It is actually situated in a large complex that encompasses 35 acres of land, contains temples, chapels and number of other monuments. It’s also as monumental symbol of crown.