Oct 16, 2019

Patio Do Meco is a guesthouse located on a small promontory in the historical center of Aldeia do Meco, Portugal. This guesthouse was composed over many years by a ruined old house and a barn, built in the mid-twentieth century. In particular, the picture of the main house and its patio keeps the original identity of its typically vernacular complex.

The chimney with a remarkable presence in the original house and its courtyard is now the connecting element between the two different constructive and the programmatic systems. The boundary of the plot is defined by the new rebuilt house and the extension, composed by minimal and the abstract volumes which are organized according to privacy needs. In the main building, the social areas and at the enclosure, the private and the technical ones. The original stonework is reused to increase the harmony between the old and the new. Mediterranean typical elements like the well the roof tiles and the shading reeds, gain prominence within the patio, which is all south oriented.

The new complex is only opened in the main street in a carful gesture that connects the private with the public space. The urban morphology is respected and the new contractions are located where the old ones were, promoting a charge with the surrounding in a unique line. The project recreates the past to regenerate the present.