Perkins + Will: World's Tallest Hybrid Tower in British Columbia

Oct 16, 2019

Laminated wood and concrete will create the hybrid structural system of Canada's high tower of high-rise, which the global company Perkins Will has unveiled for British Columbia. Called Canada's Earth Tower, the project is to work on a 1.5 acre property along Eighth Avenue near Vancouver's Burrard Slopes neighborhood. In the late 1970s, the site is currently occupied by a four-story building. Ready to rise about 120 meters, the building will be "the world's tallest hybrid wood tower", according to Perkins + will, a 85 year old practice with offices in Vancouver, including offices around the world. The developer is local firm Delta Land Development.

Construction is currently underway on another hybrid timber tower at Vancouver, Terrace House, by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban who also claims to be the world's most hybrid. Ban's residential building measures 70 meters on its upper side. Canada's Earth Tower will have about 200 apartments, shops, restaurants and office fee space, covering 31,000 square meters. The mixed-use building will have 35 to 40 floor spaces, the exact number of which is yet to be determined.

Massing has a tower that rises above the U-shaped podium. The podium wraps the courtyard with plants, trees and seating. A rendering shows a portion of the podium carved to form a large, sheltered road with foliage and rocks.