Privileged innovative greatest architects of modern architecture works

Oct 16, 2019

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Frank Gehry

There is no error in Gehry's work, because it is an event surrounding the most exclusive and innovative architecture. Their deconstructive forms are iconic because tourists create sheep wool to attract all the buildings from all over the world to architectural architecture. Called Vanity Fair as "the most important architect of our age," he has set a priority for contemporary architecture. Their ability to create places to manage forms and surfaces is their most significant feat, and we all love the unique uses of their content, which almost all of the logic of how they work together.

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Some Frank Lloyd Wright always believed in the great architect. He thought of the inner and outer spaces as one and since its time the forms, construction methods, and formal architecture never went to school. His humble American upbringing inspired him to learn under Louis Sullivan - another architectural legend and so far Wright is known for his prairie-style buildings and organic influences. Its organic and natural forms, which believed to be one with nature and their latest details, are still considered to be the best building and design concept after almost 150 years.

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Ieoh Ming Pei

Chinese-born architect, teenager, came to study architecture in the United States and later became one of the greatest architects of modern architecture. After about 80 years, the work of the IMP can be seen worldwide and is known for its work to include miraculous influences and to make unique use of their geometric forms. Their National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado represents unity with the iconic geometric forms of PI and the natural elements surrounding them. Some of the world's prestigious government and acclaimed sites have some reputation in the work of Pei’s.

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Philip Johnson

Known as an American architect who founded the District of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Johnson's architectural works are easily identified. Its Glass House in Connecticut is one of the most familiar residents with its minimal interior and extended glass vista, which was just one example of its use. His wonderful use of glass, steel and later crystals became the world's famous fame. Crystal Cathedral in California It seems that it should be in a child's fairy tale book; it is a symbol of a forward-thinking architecture that is characterized by Johnson's Minimalism and pop-art genres.