PV module of Tesla solar roof.

Oct 16, 2019

If the recent publication made by Tesla is an explanation, then solar roof tiles will see the production ramp next year. Unveiled in October 2016, Solar Roof, which is the PV module, which has the existence of traditional roofing material, was received ardently, in which Tesla had said that the product within 2018. One of these restriction holders was Amanda toblers. Initially, after living in a rental house from 2002 to 2004, Amanda and his family lifted to a CA townhouse in 2004, where they stand for 12 years. Troubles then tried to build in a solar panel on their townhouse, admitting they were failed due to the regulation of the solar system on the roof by the area's householder. Things changed in 2016, when Amanda and his family moved into a two-story suburban home in the basin region. This time, toblers were free to add a solar system to their home.

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The house that the family had collected, which was constructed in 1965, it had a roof of metal approved, which was almost ready for the restoration. In an email sent to tesla, Amanda said that when he heard about solar roof tiles, his family instantly thought that this product would be perfect for his new home. Within days of Tesla opening the doubt for shingles in May 2017.

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Solar Roof was published at the beginning of March 2018. The entire process took about three weeks to complete, due to rain and due to the analysis of a cedar roof roof under the metal roof of Tesla's house. against his house being built in 1965, and despite having two roofs rather of one by Tesla, Amanda acclaimed that the installation process, including the installation of the power wall 2 unit, remained constant. Even the permit for the solar system, which is appropriate by householder, was handled by the electric car manufacturer.