Renewable Buildings and wooden architects works

Oct 16, 2019

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Cross-laminated timber buildings

One of the longest cross-laminated wooden buildings in London last month, after years of expectations that the engineering wood and glue can be fully constructed. The British Furniture brand has also used the material for its new "intentional imperfect" headquarters and the Royal Leamington Spa workshop, and the OFIS Arhitekti uses cross-laminated wood to create a strong mountain cabin in Slovenia. The first hybrid wooden tower also includes the US, Where Skidmore, Owings and Merrill has been advised to advice on new guidelines for making wooden products.

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Renewed focus on social housing

The feral fire was brought to the state of social housing in the Grenfell Tower - especially post war stock - which is very much in the spotlight in the UK, architects condemn the system as "dangerous, ugly, cruel and innocent". This debate continued with the destruction of Robin Good Gardens in Australia, and in the UK, with the private sale of the Sirius building and redevelopment of Park Hill and Thamesmead Estate. But in the most part of 2017, while absorbing the condition of the social housing situation, Royal Institute of British Architects awarded "High quality public housing pioneer" Naval Brown for his high reputation, Royal Gold Medal.

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Fantasy skyscraper

This year, Avante-Garde welcomed the bumper buildings with various levels of viability of skyscrapers. The Cloud Architecture Office had proposed to suspend the world's highest skyscraper from asteroids and parachuting the inhabitants to the ground, while Haseef Rafiei assumed the 3D printing skyscraper that could distribute vendor-like modular homes. The Oiio saved this trend and billed his proposal for the world's tallest building in New York's large building tower.

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Brutalist buildings

As 2017 approaches, the bulldozer is also closed on Robin Hood Gardens. After Alison and Peter Smithson's failure to save the property of East London, it is now submerged - the same apartment is preserved by the V & A Museum. The final week of the year for the Sirius apartment block in Sydney also described a bad future, which has been sold by the New South Wales government for private development.