Renewable energy source of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Oct 16, 2019

The solar power technology incorporating the use of mirrors to focus sunlight on the receiver, converting and converting heat into electricity for electricity generation has been incorporated since the 1980's. CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) Technology, Recent CSPs in recent years With the discovery of new solar thermal storage solutions such as new innovations and Molten salt technology in the systems, the new promising new green power technology has emerged again. Currently used CSP There is three main types of systems, such as a garbage system, power tower system, and dish /engine system. US Shaped reflecting is the center of sunlight that focuses on the pipe filled with oil in its center with boiling water of hot oil to produce steam for electrical production. Large flat mirrors are used in the power tower's CASSP system, which is used to focus on the receiver sitting on the tower at sunlight, in which the liquid heat dissolved to dissolve instant heat to make the steam for the immediate power generation.

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Floating Wind Turbines

The commercial operation of floating wind turbines has the key to unlocking the potential for deep water offshore wind power where the wind is often strong and stable. Contrary to conventional offshore wind turbines, concrete bases need to be constructed in seabed, floating wind turbines based on floating oil and gas offshore platform technologies, which are kept in seabed with only a few cables used on 700 meters deep sites. Low-water waste installations also benefit. A successful demonstration of many prototype floating wind turbines since 2009 has generated interest for commercial deployment floating wind turbines. Some excellent examples include test turbines on the southern Italian coastline of the Dutch floating-turbine developer Blue H Technologies, the experimental floating wind turbine of oil and gas company Stachiol is located on the shores of Norway, and the Fukushima prototype floating wind turbine is closed. The interest for wind power generation from floating turbines is especially in countries like Japan, which is trying for alternative power after the nuclear disaster in 2011, but there is not enough shallow water to support conventional wind farms.

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Biomass gasification technology for power generation

Converting biomass into flammable gas and using it for power generation has emerged as a solution to transform plenty of available biomass waste into clean and efficient electrical energy. Advanced biomass gasification power plants usually include solid biomass conversion through processes involving thermal chemical drying, pyrolysis and gasification phase in a classifier system cleaner gas. The formation of non-flammable ashes moves grease ground grate and time is removed with time of grate-shaking method.