Revolutionary project by Korean architects and futuristic lotus-shaped complexes

Oct 16, 2019

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Nomad: Skyscrapers on Mars

Architects really make such crazy projects. These buildings can move independently during the red planet. By gathering essential elements from the surface, they produce greenhouse gases, thus heating up the Mars and gradually making it suitable for life.

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Cloud Capture

This is a revolutionary project by Korean architects. Construction literally catches the clouds and transfers them to the desert regions. The realization of this project is not only the color of the earth, but also helps to solve the problems of the fields of bad crop. Cloud Catcher will bring more sunny days in London, and save Central Africa from hunger.

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Dawang Mountain Resort, China

Dawang, like a space station from scientific films, will end in the near future. The 170-meter-long building, spread over a shelf, includes ski resorts, ice rinks, and water parks and gallows gardens. The future resort starts the operation this year, showing that the future has come.

Cities in the Sky

One UK architect, Tsvetan Toshkov, offers a project called 'City in the Sky'. It is a group of lotus-shaped complexes in front of the city. This futuristic lotus will be the parks and recreation areas on top of the flower, where residents of megapolises can be removed from the city's lies, noise and dirt of the city.