Silent spaces and Innovative Play zone area in Caves

Oct 16, 2019

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Continual Homes

We all know that a future home is self-sufficient - either an automated unit is capable of producing its own power, or part of the community that shares resources at the local level. Many people are looking into the future and installing technology to create an environment that can survive in their homes. Durability has been a growing trend over the past ten years, and it shows no signs of going away.

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Play zone in caves

However, whether to love this word or not, man's caves are always more popular than ever. Many customers use this room to let their creativity free, as they often have a place to enjoy by family and close friends. As the places for clients to join in their chosen hobbies, man's caves often include architectural challenges, such as an extra-wide roof to accommodate boats or aircraft, or in my own home - a voice-watching music studio

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Silent spaces

Whether it is a classic "library" room, with books high stack and hardwood shelves, or a place for yoga / attention, people want a place at home that is not full of big televisions or clutter. Quiet corners can often be included in a difficult corner as a way to fill continuous space in a complex plan. It can include complex architectural elements such as complex skylights, interior courtyards and indoor gardens.

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Unique storage

One place for everything and everything in its place. "This phrase is not so durable as it is, and it has become especially important because the increase in the average family increases as well. From camping equipment to cycle repair, from toys to board games, from designer clothes to model train sets, modern There is a custom designed inbuilt storage solution for everyone in the house. In particular, the kitchen has become a space for entertaining, so clutter has been moved from the cupboards and bench tops into a separate pantry space - often including prep-stations, sinks, and even a second oven.