Some Best architecture trending designs for 2018 to 2019

Oct 16, 2019

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Circles and curves

In recent years some of Australia's best residential architects have used curves on home parts and are now being filtered out in mainstream markets. The style of this area is designed to maximize the space on tight sites and integrate them into the surroundings. There is also a growing regeneration of full rounded houses. This style of the house inspired indigenous architectural styles from across the world, such as yurts, huts and igloos, which were designed roundly to save resources and time.

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Above ground pools

Visit the recently built City House in the $ 3 million-plus range and find ground swimming pools that you may find possibly more decorative. Mostly not much bigger than an inflatable model, this pool is mainly designed to look at water from the home kitchen or living area. While some leaps are able to swim, others are just waist-deep and get better enjoyment by children. In Australia, this style of pool is the most popular in Melbourne where the block size is tight; the land is expensive and does not have an outdoor swimming option all year round.

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Natural materials

In 2018, the previous popular industrial aesthetics have been replaced with a look that favors the natural appearance and colors. Instead of glass and metal cladding, Chris Stribley, Managing Principal of Cera Stribley Architects says that clients want to keep concrete, open-handed encyclopedias, earths and woods open so that their homes are warming and textured.

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Small designs

The high value of the land and the environmental impact of large houses are motivating movements towards smaller homes with hard working designs. "The rise of high energy bills, ridiculously, will require people to stop 'gid' and create more self-sustaining life."

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Prep kitchens

After years of keeping kitchen in the center of the open plan, more homeowners accept the concepts of concealed "prep kitchen". Prep kitchen the main kitchen in the kitchen is a separate room that allows food preparation, use of equipment, garbage collection and dishwashing to come out of sight. For people with diaphragm, this room provides a simple way for families to worry about the mess or blurring of guests or family around the family. In its design it makes the kitchen area "minimized" more minimal.