South Korea National Institute of Ecological and Aequorea, the floating city

Oct 16, 2019

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Aequorea, the floating city

Belgian architects Vincent Callebaut Daring Imagery. This project is called Aequorea, and it is built in coastal waters of Rio de Janeiro. According to the author's composition, these cities-such skyscrapers can sustain themselves by re-using ocean resources to provide electricity, food and water to people. And of course, residents will enjoy sea scenes and spectacular sunsets.

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This is an interesting complex that is intended to be built between Cairo and ancient Pyramid. Building technologies are capable of city desertification. Who knows, maybe this pyramid, as well as its predecessor, will become one of the wonders of the world for our descendants.

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Ecorium, South Korea

Created on the initiative of South Korea National Institute of Ecological, this complex extends to 33,000 hectares. This will be a unique place with wedge-shaped greenhouses, where ecological research will be conducted. Central buildings will be built in such a way that internal conditions will change under the influence of external environment, which can help to save energy. This is a good feature for a modern building, nowadays keeping in mind the costs of heat and electricity.