Sunland Reveals Futuristic Towers in Australia designed by Zaha Hadid

Oct 16, 2019

Developer Sunland has announced plans for four residential towers along Australia's Gold Coast. Established on a former 42-hectare dairy farm, the project is designed to create a new urban village. Dubbed "The Lanes", it will include towers and new retail space, boulevards and an outdoor amphitheater. Originated by Zaha Hadid designer Contreras Earl, the towers are designed to represent the geometry of plant life.

At an elevation of about 12 floors, the four towers will see one, two, and three-bedroom apartments with the newly renamed "Lake Unity" and ground level retail. Each building will take advantage of the lakefront, city skyline and hinterland views. Contreras Earl said, "The towers represent a sculptural design language that draws on inspiration from patterns and geometries found in various plant lives. It will be particularly influential in its role as a catalyst for more intermediate development."

Sunland purchased the 42-hectare Mermaid Water Site in 2014 from the Scheinberg family for $ 42 million. Sunland also has plans for a child care center as part of the master plan. Sunland Managing Director Sahba Abedian said the middle-rise typology was first researched by a developer in Benowa's Marina Residence Development. Brisbane Company Blight Rayners has designed a retail component, which includes an outdoor dining court, retail spine, food market and various retail outlets.