The Bamboo Forest of Southern China-Sports, Space and Stadium of Shenzhen

Oct 16, 2019

It was opened in 2011 and was constructed by Gerkan, Marg, and Partners. Around 3.5 billion was the total construction cost. The architectural inspiration of Universiade Stadium came from a valuable mineral, Crystal. “Crystal” evolves from the ancient Greek vocabulary “Krystallos”, translates into Chinese as “water of pure white”. The notion of crystal has been assimilated, perceived, and discovered by the lighting design team in order to create design ideas for the stadium. Element for the Paralympic sports center in the city of Shenzhen is supplanted by the surrounding undulating landscape and generates a formal dialog that references Chinese horticulture and philosophy toward the land.

The roof structure projects up to 65 m and is designed as a steel prismatic shell on a basis of triangular facets. The crystalline shape of the three stadia is additionally emphasized by the illumination of the translucent facades at night. An artificial lake connects the stadium with the circular multifunctional hall in the north and the rectangular swimming hall west thereof. The central ports plaza is accessed via a raised promenade from the individual stadia. Another attraction near to Universiade is the Longgang CocoPark Shopping Mall. Its a good choice for shopping lovers. Inside Coco park, there is Sams Club hypermarket.

The is planned to be all rounded, encountering the needs of international sports occasions and events. The capacity os the stadium is 60,000, seated in three stands. The diameter of the roof is 310 m lengthways and 290 m across. The indoor sports complex is designed as a circular multifunctional arena for indoor sports competitions as well as for ice-skating and other events. The overall capacity is approx. 18,000 spectators. The swimming complex forms the third module of the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center. 3,000 spectators, the seats are arranged on two stands is the overall capacity approximately.

The architecture got the inspiration from the bamboo forest, whose slim stanchions carry the weight of the stands and the wide-span roof structure. Visitors pass through the forest of steel supports into the first circulating area of the stadium, and thence go either up the steps to the upper tier or straight on to the lower tier.

By the double row of steel forest, the appearance of the bamboo forest is supported, where every other in the inner row is connected with the concrete structure of the undulating upper tier, thus carrying the vertical loads of the spectator seating. The steel tubes, which are up to 32 m in length, range from 55 cm to 80 cm, varying in accordance with their differing static loads. A membrane roof suspended from an outer frame was selected to cover the seating areas. With a diameter of 230 m