The Crystal Copenhagen, Denmark which is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Oct 15, 2019

The Crystal is erected as an extension of an actual Nykredit building in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Freestanding on the site, it is a transparent, geometrical, glazed form which, rests on only a single point and a single line that floats above the plaza. The building reaches about 31 meters on the lowest point and 34 meters on the highest point.T he Building’s multi-faceted glass exterior reflects both daylight and the immediate environment, but the double varnishing also features sunscreen which allows the building to adjust to changing light conditions. The buildings mention more of the environment architecture. The passage under the building gives clear views towards Nykredit’s head office building which is called the Glass Cube and the harbor.

The interior of the building has been arranged for functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. The repetitive floor plan is disposed of in a Z- shape around two chambers, which assure that all workstations are together lit and enjoy a view. The tendency of the plan allows the circumstances of open plan, separate offices, and meeting rooms. The building is principally financed by the rhombic construction system places immediately inside the exterior. The system functions an architectural element and also allows the building to furnish with the pillars.

The building has a very low energy consumption of only 70kWh per sqm of the actual energy legislation in Denmark. The roof is covered with the solar cells and insulating inner glass exterior which has a U value of only 0.7 Wh per sqm.

The piazza features huge water pools that reverse the sun and the clouds moving across the sky. The Crystal is constructed to merge with their atmosphere, offering an indirect connection between the formal architecture of the Glyptotek Museum of Ancient and Modern Art. The plaza is influenced by a water feature, Denmark’s best fountain, containing a circular water basin and 2000 valves which spray water in fluctuating heights up to 2.5 meters. The water feature is lighted at night.