The European Patent Office is one of the two organs of the EPO

Oct 16, 2019

The European Patent Office is one of the two organs of the European patent organization, while there is another executive council. The EPO acts as an executive body for the organization, while the executive council acts as its inspecting body and its limited limits, its legal institution. The actual statutory power of improving the European Patent Organization stays with the contracting states when it comes to contracting state conferences.

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Inside the European Patent Office, investigators have been accused of studying European patent applications filed by applicants to determine whether to give a patent for a search. Patents approved by the European Patent Office are called European patents.

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European patent office approves European patent for contract states for the European Patent Convention. The EPO provides a patent grant process, but does not have a patent from the point of view of enforcement. So the approved patent is not a patent of the European Union or a large patent of Europe, but is a national patent bundle. In addition to offering European patents, EPOs It also establishes search reports for national patent applications on behalf of the Patent Office in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, San Marino, Lithuania, Latvia and Monaco.