The Taipei Performing Arts Center: Multiform Theater

Oct 16, 2019

The Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) of OAM has topped the ceremony, including Taipei's Mayor Hau Lung-pin, and OMA's partners' project, Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten. Even in its present skeleton, the hardest geometric form is clearly expressed with its intermediate cube, in which there are three enormous auditoriums, two cubic and one rounded. TPAC The formation is experimental, which includes the loose public road that shows the backstage areas of the building, and flexible auditoriums that can be combined, offer extraordinary stage space which allows unmatched performance in other theaters.

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The TPAC found in Lanoo’s Vibrant Shots has many different faces - each individual theater is defined by the spaces, which presents itself as an outer facade of 'mysterious dark elements' on the coated glass. Walking on the street level, the visitors' house rides, the main cube is floating above the ground level and the cantilevers go into the public space, and the inner roads lead to the heart of the building, which is in the main theaters. One of the theaters, Proscenium Playhouse, 'a suspended planet with a cube looks like docking' and can turn architects into any form imaginable. To access this theater, the audience spreads between the inner and outer shells, which allows people to see what is going on inside the planet without a ticket - this rotation space is called a 'public loop'. This flow flows into the theater infrastructure from the street, weaving through production and choreography spaces, which are usually hidden, but are as impressive as they are.

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TPAC There is a large, factory-like environment designed by combining the Super Theater, Grand Theater and Multiform theaters. This space allows recapturing the existing traditional works on the monumental scale and taking the new, experimental forms of theater with no restrictions.