The WIREFLOW by Vibia

Oct 16, 2019

Arik Levy designed the WIREFLOW collection of suspension lighting. The architects and the interior designers conceived to be adopted and customized for making it their own.

The black electrical cable of the material structure of the light fitting constructed and the 3W LED terminals to become defining characteristics that distinguish the unique collection. This process makes possible with the impressive physical presence of the WIREFLOW while maintaining the ethereal sensibility.

The structure of WIREFLOW is made of electrical cables and the combination of multiple and single elements for large light installations. The visual continuity of the linear and the single points of the light which provides a strong conceptual character beyond the physical.

The hanging lighting installations from a single electrical connection, including the wall sockets, is one of the most important aspects of the collection. The WIREFLOW trace the geometrical pattern on the walls and the ceilings and bring the imaginative creations of the architects and the interior designers from the single electrical outlet the cables.