The Tripura Legislative Assembly of the northeastern Indian state of Tripura

Oct 16, 2019

The Tripura Legislative Assembly or Tripura Vidhan Sabha is the Legislative Assembly of the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, which has 60 members of the Legislative Assembly. The present assembly is located in Gurkhabasti. Ujjayanta Palace served as a meeting place in Agartala. The tenure of the assembly is five years old, as long as it does not get dissolved sooner. The present Assembly is the 12th Legislative Assembly where the present Speaker of the Rebati Mohan Das House is present.

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VP of the Government of India Menon, VP of Government of India advisory Tripura was a ruling state, after the signing of Menon, until the Indian Dominion Government took control in 1949 under the agreement between the Governor-General of India and Maharaja of Tripura, Maharani Regent. The governor, governor general and Kanchan Prabha Devi Maharani Regent, by Tripura state, on behalf of Maharaja, who was younger. According to this agreement, Tripura Administration Order 1949 was passed on 15 October 1949 by the Government of India. The order was given for the appointment of chief commissioner and he was placed on the head of state Tripura.

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A Regency Council was formed in the state for a short period before Independence, which was dissolved in September 1949 after signing the Tripura Merger Agreement with the Indian Union. It became part of the 'C' state in October 1949. On November 1, 1956, Tripura became a central region and an advisory committee was formed to advise the Chief Commissioner. On August 15, 1957, a territorial council was formed with 30 elected members and two members appointed by the Indian government.