Top 10 Most Expensive Under Water Hotels Ideas

Oct 15, 2019

1.Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia:-

It is officially the costliest hotel in the world. It’s located in the ocean at considerable depth. You get an underwater view of the entire marine world. At $150,000 per night. Though it’s very expensive, every minute spent on this hotel is worth every penny. This hotel is the very definition of the Mile-Low club.

2.The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji:-

Fiji is a small yet beautiful land with lots of mountains, gardens and other attractive tourist attractions. The presence of Poseidon Underwater Resort completes the beauty of Fiji. The hotel is surrounded by over five thousand acres lagoons. The rooms are highly expensive; each room can be booked at an estimated price of $15000 or even more. What you choose is dependent upon your budget but this underwater resort will really make your residential experience excellent.

3. Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai:-

The Apeiron Island Hotel is another beautiful underwater hotel of Dubai. This is a seven star hotel with all the facilities available for the guests. The estimated number of rooms in this hotel is 400, which are except the 200 luxurious family apartments. Most of its apartments have been designed and structured in a way that they give you a glimpse of jungle theme-park. From the top to ground floor, this hotel has beautiful interiors.

4. Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai:-

Crescent Hydropolis is a notorious underwater hotel. Usually it is chosen by celebrities or the members of royal families to stay at. All the rooms, dining area, meeting hall, reception area and even the indoor gaming area are beautified with glass cabinets. You can view the fishes and other underwater species right from the glass of your bedroom. The fairs of the rooms in this hotel are quite high. With its 230 luxurious suites Crescent Hydropolis adds a plus to Dubai’s level of beauty and charm.

5. Water Discus Hotel, Dubai:-

Among those so many beautiful and remarkable underwater hotels in Dubai, Water Discus is a pleasant one. Its structure and architecture is quite unique and innovative. The hotel is not too big but has only 21 luxurious rooms for the guests. Its lavish lobby, swimming pool and a big sitting hall make this hotel a comfortable and prior choice of underwater hotel lovers.

6. Ocean Suites, Sentosa Resorts World, Singapore:-

Similar to Dubai’s Atlantis but with only 50,000 marine life forms. There are eleven Ocean Suites at the Equarius Hotel, which is one of four hotels located at Sentosa. Upstairs the living area is fitted with a jacuzzi and patio area, while the downstairs bedroom window looks out into one of the largest aquariums in the world, part of the Marine Life Park at Sentosa. Room lights dim automatically when the viewing panel is raised.

7. The Shimao Wonderland, China:-

The list seems to be incomplete without Shimao Wonderland. It is a China based beautiful underwater hotel. The Shimao Wonderland isn’t hosted in any of the tropical locations but is situated in quarry. This sensational hotel has numerous luxurious rooms, a big hall, gaming area, indoor gym and swimming pool.

8. Manta Resort Underwater Hotel Room, Tanzania:-

Anchored off the Zanzibar coast, if the floating Mantra Underwater room looks like an uptown version of the Utter Inn, it’s because this is also a Mikael Genberg design. Thirteen feet below the surface this time, there are three levels. At sea level the landing deck has a lounge area and bathroom. The roof is for soaking up the sun during the day, and star watching at night. Downstairs below the waves is a double bed and 360 degrees of underwater panorama.

9. Three Spirits Floting Hotel:-

Three separate boats that look nothing like any boat we’ve seen before. They function independently as a ballroom, casino, and, in what sounds like a Harry Potteresque Room of Requirement, as the Hall of Multifunctional Purposes. When locked together they create an enclosed pool. This concept hotel also features underwater suites, where guests can watch marine life from the comfort of their own room.

10. Amphibious 1000, Qatar:-

For now only a design concept, the Amphibious 1000 would be the first semi-submerged hotel resort in Qatar. Comprised of a land section and sea section, the resort features residential housing and office buildings, an interactive museum, fitness areas, a new marina and harbor, gardens and a theater. Guests would stay in the 80 floating jelly fish suites with underwater views within the artificial reef.