Trending Residential Architecture for 2019

Oct 16, 2019

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Bigger Windows

It seems that there is no end to thirst for bringing out our customers. Practically the project we are working on usually includes large windows with less-sized windows - and the content we incorporate is growing. The overall effect is that it is easier before coming out, and we are all eager to fill the room with sunlight. And with such minimal blending, there is no chance of getting distracted from a strange perspective, or a beautiful landscaped yard.

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Bigger kitchens

It's a simple fact that we are living in our kitchen a long time ago. What's new, keeping in view kitchen ideas as cooking spaces, we also enjoy hanging, we have started designing the kitchen as recreational spaces, and we also enjoy cooking. To ensure that today's kitchen is a super invitation, we can comfortably furnish them more than before. Upholstered benches and chairs can remind you of a comfortable booth at your favorite restaurant and are more comfortable than plastic or wooden seats. The tables are getting bigger.

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Bigger thoughts around technology

Remember that music can play in every room when your home was cool to wire? It was just the top of the iceberg. Today the options to see home automation releases, window treatments, heating, cooling and who are at your door can be controlled by technology to make life easier.