Unique successful combination of a Family house and a Restaurant business.

Oct 16, 2019

Sonora Grill Masaryk is located on Agenda Presidente Masaryk, it is the most important avenue to the west of Mexico City.


The main access of Avenida Presidente Masaryk, by the stairs and the elevator that allows us to reach the ground floor of the restaurant, the ground floor consists of some elements with the picture of the Sonora Grill Prime Franchises, having a large bar on one side which serve the desserts and drinks, the kitchen is located at the backside of the restaurant which hides behind a large piece of wood and a ladder of oxidized steel sheets, the level becomes transparent because of the open spaces that were created from the location of the spaces of the project and the design with light materials and wooden colors.


While going through the steel stairs we can see a bar of wooden marimbas creating a single plane of standing elements from this side to that side whereas in the counter bar there are niches that house drink and give us the feeling that they all are implant in it. Height is the most important thing in this since it is limited. By the construction of the building and it is solved by unifying it employing the same wooden marimbas that are limited to the bar, thus creating the same sensorial cozy element.

The height gives a great leap when we pass through the two spaces of the diners, where there is change from the marimba to the junkyard that is at a higher height and that covers much of the level, the scrape ceiling is born from the diners area and that is limited to two private terraces that adjoin the Agenda Presidente Masaryk.


Terraces are the main element of the restaurant as they all have a privileged view of the Agenda Presidente Masaryk Avenue. A small garden is the element of transition between the terraces and the same element that leads to the private baths that is a floating box of wooden marimbas, as an outstanding feature of the area.

The element that differentiates and makes unique Sonora Grill Prime Masaryk is the combination of two concepts that combine and make oneself in different plants, thus obtaining a successful idea of the restaurant that houses a family and business environment that characterize the exclusivity of the area.