Vastu Shastra for your Master Bedrooms in a West Facing House

Oct 15, 2019

Not many people like having a West facing house as they think that it’s not going to bring them much luck according to Vastu. In reality, this is not the case. There are plenty of other factors that one must consider before dismissing a West facing flat or a west facing apartment. Here we look at what should be done if you have a west facing flat when it comes to the master bedroom.

Master bedroom, according to Vastu.
A master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house and should not be occupied by anyone other than the chief wage earner in the house or the eldest person in the house.

Why is the master bedroom important as per Vastu?
Most people tend to store valuables, money, important documents, and any other precious items in the master bedroom. This is why Vastu places special importance for this room.

Where should the master bedroom be in a West facing house?
According to Vastu the best place for the Master Bedroom is in the southwest section or Kubera Moolai of your house. The second-best position is the South and the third best in the West. If the bedroom is in the west, try to create a slight slope or decline towards the Northeast direction in the room. If there are many floors in the house, then choose the top floor and then construct the master bedroom on that floor.

Where should you place the bed in the master bedroom?
Never have a bed in the middle of the master bedroom, and always see to it that there is nothing stored under the bed. Energy should be able to flow freely around and under the bed. Keep the bed in such a place that you face the South while sleeping. This will lead to better sleep and less panic.

Where should you place the cupboard in a master bedroom?
The cupboard or locker should be kept in the south-west corner of the bedroom. If kept here, it’s likely that the head of the home will grow and prosper with ease.