White Arkitekter: Traditional Cold Bathhouses in Southern Sweden

Oct 16, 2019

The Scandinavian Practice White Arkitekter has won an architectural competition for Jonkoping Bathhouse in southern Sweden. Designed to be an all-season bathhouse on the shores of Lake Vattern, this project takes advantage of different positions in key directions to create a year-round bathing experience. Completely made of wood, the bathroom is designed to immerse everyone in tranquil, natural surroundings, creating a reflective setting.


A wooden bridge-like walkway leads from the shore to the main sauna building, and an outdoor spectacular platform arrangement supported on wooden planks, overlooking the lake. The wooden steps descend into the water below, allowing for a smooth transition from hot sauna to cold fresh water lake. White's proposal was unanimously selected by the jury. One representative commented: "The proposal has a good and clear holistic approach with a beautiful and appropriate solution. Site analysis and building architecture are integrated throughout. The proposal includes light and shadow, material, visual perception and ideas, different spatial experiences and so forth." There is a thoughtful and poetic way of working with expression. "


Designed to maximize expansive views, the Unisex Sauna is out on the lake and on the horizon. Capable of accommodating up to 20 people, it is designed to welcome and accommodate individual swimmers, families and groups of friends. The proposed design features sauna enclosed by a series of open wooden terraces, which simultaneously facilitate sunbathing and provide shelter from the wind and create an all-season space for entertaining around the barbecue and immediate bathrooms. Located in a single building, the design features changing areas and kitchens.