Worldwide architectural smart buildings.

Oct 16, 2019

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Glumac in Shanghai, China

At first sight, the 6,000 square foot office of Glumac, an engineering company in Shanghai, China, looks like a stylish building that gets a lot of light. But unlike its neighbors, this office was the first person to apply for the Living Building Challenge certification in Asia and it is considered one of the most sustainable office spaces on the abstinent.

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DPR Construction in San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Office of DPR Construction is the city's first professional office to collect the NZEB certification. DPR will continue to produce increase correct in the building with the target of getting a net positive energy production. They also plan to rebuild the project on market building costs.

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The Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA

Urban conservation worthless the Bullitt authority overtook Building Industry as "the most beautiful commercial building in the world" to accelerate the pace of change. Most buildings are developed with a 40-year life span, designed to build a 250-year lifespan.

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Clover Network in Sunnyvale, CA

Basically Racquetball Complex without Windows, Welfare Network's office in Sunnyvale brought a huge change in the direction of the "deep green engineering" generation integral group, which created Windows to add Windows and create a new mezzanine with a large double-height space in the midway. In addition, the building was improved with comprehensive insulation to achieve electronically colored glass, high volume fans, roof photovoltaic array and net zero bill design.

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NREL's Research Support Facility in Golden, Colorado

The analysis support facility on the essential campus of the National sustainable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado is a experiment for continual, high achievement design that absorb the best in energy ability, natural performance and advanced controls using the "perfect house" integrated design. Process the building works as a model for the cost-competitive, high-energy demonstration professional buildings for the nation's design, manufacturing, management and financing communities. RSF is a live laboratory for building technologies, which provide real-time data that allows researchers to find opportunities for improved performance.